They can rock it up and take it down, both in equally good measure, and as modern Southern meets country rock goes, this is just about as good as it gets. The sky’s the limit for Jericho Summer.


Each summer, I am looking for the perfect album to listen to, I have just found this year’s winner: Night Train, the debut album of Southern Country Rock band Jericho Summer. It contains eleven songs and when Jericho Summer said there would be no “filler tracks”, they meant it. Night Train is the album country enthusiasts will love and rock fans will go for.

Chris H.

Just came across a new band called Jericho Summer out here in Majorca, they are a Country Rock Band with the sound of Nickle Back and Kristian Mc Vie (Fleetwood Mac).If you like country and country rock then you’ll like this……well worth a listen…



Now for some Southern Country Rock, (Southern Britain, that is) courtesy of JERICHO SUMMER, a duo comprising Jay Zeffin and Vanessa Joy. They met twenty years ago, but this is their first album together. Both had been involved in music prior to their meeting. Vanessa had even starred as Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar.
Their album “Night Train” (Devil’s Blade Records) features Izzy Stradlin, the original rhythm guitarist for Guns’n’Roses, and bass player Marco Mendoza from Thin Lizzy.
But, to maintain a little Country influence, it also features Albert Lee and Stuart Duncan, who has a long list of Nashville music credits.
It is a very rocky album, in a southern rock (Lynyrd Skynyrd/ ZZ Top) style. But there are some tracks a bit closer to Country than others, notably the softer ballads “Live For The Moment” and “Lonely Town” and the livelier “Does It Matter” and “Good One Coming On”.
It’s a bit different. One for the rockers !

This release is a mixture of high tempo and high octane rockers and slower Ballad style tracks, a rewarding experience.

Daniel B.

Wow! This cover Good One Comin On is more than just Great! It is wonderfuly refreshing…and hauntingly familiar…with an old soul feel… and a new soul attitude…I am hearing hint’s of a young Rocking Keith Whitley and Lorrie Morgan…Jammin with the Eagles! and havein one heck of a time doin it! But wait it can’t be… That is Jay and Vanessa! They have made this song their own and a hit I think…while they were at it,with a style and sound that that has been missing from the music industry for way to long.These two are a music match made in heaven! Just wanted to say congrat’s to you guys! Love it! Very worth waiting for.


Fireworks Magazine

Essentially very country (especially lyrically), there are plenty of Southern Rock hints too thanks to some fine guitar work. Both Zeffin and Joy sing, whether it be alternating on lead vocal duties or dueting and harmonising, with Zeffin’s slightly gruffer delivery complimenting Joy’s more powerful Shania Twain meets Heart’s Ann Wilson Style. Night Train and 100 times again are lively Country Rock numbers with fine entertaining guitar runs and certainly would not sound out of place on one of the Eagles albums. Bitchin with a Woman, Does it Matter and Coming Home display the duos more Southern tendencies.

David Tonberg CAITHNESS FM

Hi Jay, well took your advice and popped the CD ( which arrived yesterday, thank you), into the player in my car. I’ve received quite a few CD’s over the years that I’ve been doing this show, all have had airplay and all of them I’ve enjoyed but yours falls into the category of Wow! Hit me like a hammer absolutely love it, great vocals and some searing guitar and as good a country rock album as I’ve heard in my long association with music (pretty much 45 years and counting!). It will be my best album next Sunday, can’t wait for my listeners to hear it.. This record just got me from track one and I can honestly say that out of all the CDs I’ve received there are only two others that have done that! Good luck with the album and let’s hope you do another real soon…….


You would expect something very special musically from the album and you wouldn’t be wrong. It’s enjoyable, good time Southern Rock. Musically there’s a lot to like about “Night Train”

Graeme Scott (World Of Music – K107FM)

Take this with you in the car with caution as you’re likely to be pulled over for playing steering wheel drums or air guitar. Southern country rock with a bit of attitude thrown in to the mix for good measure.